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Sep 17, 2012 5:00am EDT
chamber of commerce in los angeles. he'll also discuss his immigration policy, saying he wants fair and enforceable laws that will stop illegal immigrants from entering the u.s. in a recent poll among registered hispanic voters, the president leads romney by more than 30 points. both campaigns cancelled events in colorado because of a deadly plane crash over the weekend. the plane crashed at the pueblo memorial airport yesterday morning, shutting down two of the airport's three runways. the pilot was killed in that crash. romney was to hold a campaign rally yesterday afternoon. the president's campaign had an event scheduled at a local steel workers union. >>> it is now 5:36. today you'll be able to get a close-up look of george washington's personal copy of the constitution. it will be on display at washington's mt. vernon home starting at noon. handwritten notes and brackets made by washington can be seen around key passages outlining the president's responsibilities. today marks the 225th anniversary of the constitution. it was adopted on september 17th, 1787 at a constitutional conv
Sep 20, 2012 5:00am EDT
fairfax county chamber of commerce co-sponsoring this debate. you can watch it live. >>> why a notebook could be the key to the colorado movie massacre court case. >> why monica lewinsky is back in the headlines. what she is planning to release. >> what scholars are saying this morning about the tiny piece of paper who some claim shows jesus had a wife. >> tom kierein will let us know just how long these chilly temperatures will stick around. weathe >>> welcome back. this tiny piece of paper is igniting a huge debate in the christian community, but is it real? several renowned scholars are calling into question the authenticity which suggests jesus had a wife. others question whether the anonymous owner has financial motivations. it wassage ie agnalyzed. >> one of the things i heard yesterday was the idea that it's so well-preserved. it's been around forever, almost literally, and yet the paper is still intact to some degree. >> how do you prove the authenticity? >> tom kierein telling us more about this beautiful forecast. good morning. >> quite a chill in the air. good mornin
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
facebook's first major push into e-commerce, and they will get a cut from each item sold. >> of course. that makes perfect sense. shartia brantley at cnbc, have a good weekend. >> you too. >>> as if you didn't have enough social networks to waste your time on, there's a new one that just popped up. it's called sypop that connects people through common interests rather than friends and family. so you can meet new people, bond over your hobbies, things that are interesting to you, i guess. it's one of several specialized new social networks looking to cut into facebook's 950 million users. >> the virginia state fair kicks off today, back by popular demand, the racing pigs. what's a fair without racing pigs? you'll also get to see grizzly bears and bengal tigers. also new, a virtual tour through the virginia state farms. the virginia state fair runs through october 7th at king's dominion. >> what's better than racing pigs? got to catch your dinner. >>> washington has some of the best museums in the world for sure, and tomorrow you can check many of them out for free. >> smithsonian magazi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3